organic COCONUT. fresh + processed

Our coconuts are grown in lowland, 100% certified organic, multicrop gardens admist other fruits, herbs and spices with a vision to enrich the biodiversity of these gardens and practice sustainable organic farming methods.

Being an island surrounded by beaches of sandy soil Sri Lanka is a natural habitat for coconut trees. The combination of high humidity, saline waters and saturated winds, abundant sunlight and regular rainfall gives our coconuts a unique flavour.

It uses are many, in the culinary world and the non culinary. Organic coconut flour and organic virgin coconut oil (cold pressed) are popular health substitutes to other flour and oil, rich in nutrients and vitamin E. Organic extra virgin coconut oil is a cosmetic base and is a health tonic for healthy luscious hair and radiant skin when applied.

AVAILABLE: processed. unprocessed. coconut products.
organic fresh coconut. organic cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil. organic coconut milk. organic coconut cream. organic coconut milk powder. organic coconut flour.


  • EU Fairtrade
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  • Nassa, Bio Suisse
  • BSI, Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Fair Trade, Forest Garden Product
  • Carbon Neutral, Ceylon Tea