organic SPICES

Sri Lankan spices, treasures of the orient, were introduced to Europe and the world through the Silk Route during colonization. These exotic, oriental and aromatic spices are grown in organic forest gardens by our small hold farmer communities ensuring great quality and flavour to any cuisine.

We celebrate our spices and offer a range so wide and all 100% organic certified.

AVAILABLE: Whole. Powdered. Teabag cut.
organic cinnamon. organic turmeric. organic pepper. organic cardamom. organic chili. organic mace. organic nutmeg. organic vanilla. organic clove. organic curry leaves. organic curry powder. organic ginger. organic galangal. organic corriander. organic fenugreek. organic tamarind.


  • EU Fairtrade
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  • Nassa, Bio Suisse
  • BSI, Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Fair Trade, Forest Garden Product
  • Carbon Neutral, Ceylon Tea