organic FRUITS

We grow a range of organic tropical fruits in forest gardens tendered by our community of small hold farmers of this paradise island, ensuring them a stable livelihood and encouraging sustainable farming methods for the betterment of this world in our own little way. We supply these farmers with organic compost made in our farms.

Blessed with ample water and rich fertile soil these tropical fruits are a testament to ones’ well being, enriched with nutrients and true taste and of course being 100% certified organic.

AVAILABLE: fresh. dried. chunks in syrup. fruit bars.
organic pineapple. organic papaya. organic mango. organic banana. organic passionfruit. organic watermelon. organic avacado. organic starfruit. organic durian. organic tomato. organic mangoosteen. organic jakfruit. organic guava. organic lemon. organic lime. organic woodapple.


  • EU Fairtrade
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  • Nassa, Bio Suisse
  • BSI, Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Fair Trade, Forest Garden Product
  • Carbon Neutral, Ceylon Tea