organic CASHEW

Our cashew farm is 100% certified organic and supports small hold farming communities while practicing multi crop cultivation and forest garden concept.

Our organic cashews are produced to retain their natural milky flavour due to the cold processing methods embraced in preparing the nut. The nuts are processed at our unit in the farm to retain its high quality to reduce our carbon footprint.

These nuts are rich in nutrients and great healthy tasty organic snacks, sweet & savory or simply salted.

The culinary uses of cashew are universal, forming rich flavours in Indian & Sri Lankan cuisine as paste base for curries, in Thai & Chinese cuisine in the form of whole nuts, brewed in sweeteners as dessert in Spanish and South American cuisine. Add them to chocolates and cakes!

AVAILABLE: organic whole. Natural. flavored.


  • EU Fairtrade
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  • Nassa, Bio Suisse
  • BSI, Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Fair Trade, Forest Garden Product
  • Carbon Neutral, Ceylon Tea