organic TEA. organic SPICES. organic HERBS. organic FRUITS. organic CASHEW. organic COCONUT. organic KING COCONUT WATER. organic SWEETNERS & SYRUPS.

At Greenfield Bio Plantations, we believe in offering high quality organic products ethically produced, both socially & environmentally. Our products are many and all organic. Our produce are also an outcome of an experimentation of various sustainable farming concepts such as:

  • Forest Garden concept
  • Multi crop cultivation
  • Terraced planting
  • Reforestation

How the organic produce is doneā€¦..

1. Farming Inputs & Cultivation
We train our farmers on organic and sustainable farming principles and methods and provide them with organic compost, seeds, plants and natural pest control methods in order to obtain optimum yields. Our field officers are available for assistance at all times and supervise the fields, farms and estates regularly.

2. Certification
Our small farm holders, estates and farms are certified by the relevant certification bodies such as Flo cert (Fairtrade), Forest Garden Programme, Control Union, JAS, etc. Our field officers supervise these farms and fields regularly to ensure that all certified required are complied with.

3. Harvesting fields
Our field officers record and check prior to cultivation. Once cultivated they collect and transport to our processing units.

4. Processing & Value addition
When delivered to our processing units, the produce are tested. They are then washed, dried and processed using relevant organic processing methods. They are then packed according to our buyers requirements. Our processing units are well equipped to offer as range of packaging/ value addition services to as a means to ensure high quality & true essence of the goods are preserved as they are packed at the point of origin.

5. Quality Checks
The products are again checked for quality and tested prior to being sent to our warehouse for dispatch.

6. Dispatch / Export
All export documents and necessary certifications are sent to the buyer and goods dispatched on confirmation from buyer.

7. Fairtrade
The premium from the Fairtrade produce is given to the workers to introduce various projects in their communities to uplift their livelihood and living standards.

8. Greenfield
Greenfield contributes on a personal level to upgrade their living standards and commenced projects with the aid of other social groups to achieve same.

Thank you for supporting Greenfield’s effort to parctice organic, ethical and sustainable farming communities.


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  • Nassa, Bio Suisse
  • BSI, Ethical Tea Partnership
  • Fair Trade, Forest Garden Product
  • Carbon Neutral, Ceylon Tea