Fairtrade & Projects


Medical Camps
Every year Greenfield runs medical camps in different project areas giving local people in the often remote project areas access to medical professionals, prescription medicines and referrals where necessary.

Optical Camps
In the same way as medical camps, optical camps take place in different project areas every year so local people can have their eyes tested and checked, and prescription glasses can be issued where they are needed and more serious problems can be identified and referred.


The Fairtrade Premium
Under the Fairtrade system, the Fairtrade Social Premium is paid directly by Fairtrade buyers around the world to the Social Committee at Greenfield & Thotulagala Estate in Sri Lanka.

The Social Committee is made up of elected representatives of the estate workers and decisions about how to spend the Premium are made in consultation with everyone involved. Greenfield Estate Manager sits on the Committee at the invitation of the workers.

Projects funded by the Premium
The largest recent project funded by the Fairtrade Premium has been the building of a new cultural center at the estate where social functions, weekly meetings, clubs and classes etc can be held.

Other initiatives have been the purchase of more cows by the estate residents for production of milk and manure.

Estate homes have also been re-painted inside and out, and by popular vote each home now has a lockable wardrobe for storing valued possessions out of the way of moths and humidity.

Extra schoolbooks were purchased for the estate children using Premium money.

The estate community is justly proud of their estate and of the work they have done there in recent years.

English lessons:
Another project is English language lessons for young people on the estate, giving them access to the English-speaking world and new opportunities for the future.

Compost and milk production:
A team of estate workers run a compost project which produces the compost needed by the estate. All estate residents are encouraged to produce their own compost for sale to the estate, and to neighboring estates. All family units within the estate are given a cow by the estate and manure can be sold back to the estate. Milk is sold through a central estate milk shop, supplying the estate and surrounding villages, and giving the residents an extra income.

Progress so far

At the inception of the Greenfield organic project there were severe social problems among the disaffected and marginalized young estate population including alcohol and other drug dependencies. With opportunities to learn new skills, follow different career routes and be instrumental in the set up and development of new projects these problems are disappearing. There’s still a lot to do.

Bingiriya Temple Project
Situated in the North Western province in the Kurunagala District. The Project site is an ancient temple from with legends dating back to 3rd century BC. The Temple property of 952 Acres is bordering two rivers namely the Daduru Oya and Kolanuna Oya. Even at present more than 160 acres of the land is covered by a thick jungle canopy which is a unique virgin forest with many species of fauna & flora. (www.amazinglanka.com/heritage/devagiri/devagiri.php)
The cultivated extent of over 500 acres is mainly of Coconut and paddy land with other commercial crops such as cashew, tamarind, mango and many more trees of food as well as medicinal and timber value.
The wisdom and the heritage of the gardens of this ancient land , the temples Buddhist priests in the past as well as the present has safe guarded the property without contaminating the land by the conventional forms of agriculture that uses chemical inputs as well as urea based fertilizers. The temple still practices the traditional know how as well as organic and Bio Dynamic practices in its agricultural practices.
The company has certified the entire cultivated extent of the land as well as leased out a portion of the property in order to develop a fruit orchard that is now yielding crops such as Pineapple, papaya, Passion fruit, Banana as well as ginger and Cassava (manioc) etc.

Kollonna Project
The Kollonna small farmer project is situated in the Sabaragamuwa Province in the district of Ratnapura. The project area is in the foot hills of the Rakwana Mountain range bordering the UNESCO World heritage virgin tropical rainforest of “Sinharaja Forest” .
The main crops derived from the project are Kitul (caryota urens), pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and coconuts.


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