Our Story

It was a dream of a conventional planter, whose passion was to shift away from conventional agricultural practices having witnessed the adverse effects it has on our health and our pristine forests and environment, our flora and fauna. It was his priority to also help overcome the dilemmas faced by the farming communities by committing to pay them a fair price for their produce and work irrespective of the market conditions.

We took the plunge in 1992, and driven by our compassion for organic farming have now realized this dream, establishing ourselves as pioneers in organic fair trade teas and other organic produce in Sri Lanka.

Over the years we have expanded our product portfolio from being producers and exporters of organic certified teas to growing and exporting organic certified herbs, spices, cashew, fruits, coconuts and other produce offering the best tropical produce worldwide in their true essence.

Today, our initial efforts have brought us much pride and satisfaction, being able to practice sustainable agricultural principles to serve the health, environment and socially conscious with high quality produce grown ethically. It has given us the opportunity to uplift the farming community being able to ensure them higher living standards and building up communities.

We are proud to announce that we provide a one stop solution by growing the products, processing and retail packing it to your needs. This is also part of our carbon footprint reduction program.

We strive to serve you with better organic produce whilst operating in a fair and ethical manner, working hard to give the farmer a fair price on his crops, and his family better opportunities in terms of health, offering their children better education and overall enhancing their living standards.

Thank you for your support and encouragement by consuming organic food produce.


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