We are Greenfield Bio Plantations., a pioneer producer, marketer and exporter of certified organic produce from Sri Lanka. Starting with organic tea in 1992, we swiftly expanded our product portfolio to include herbs, spices, fruits, nuts and other custom-made organic products that have gained us a coveted niche in a highly competitive global market.

Organic Methods
Mindful of the impact conventional farming practices have had on the environment and society in the past, Greenfield Bio Plantations is primarily committed to using only organic, environmental and socially ethical methods in the growing and processing of our products. The certified Level A (full organic) statuses all our products carry testify to these natural processes. It also ensures that Greenfield Bio Plantations’ products allow you to enjoy the original richness and taste of Mother Nature’s gifts, exactly the way she intended.

Ideal Location
Situated in Sri Lanka, an island just north of the equator, Greenfield Bio Plantations has found that the seasonal rainfall, diverse soil types and tropical climate of the island have also added plump to the quality and taste of our products, grown on farms and plantations at altitudes of 0-6000ft.

Fair Trading
Our Fair Trading policy reflects Greenfield Bio Plantations’ social responsibility and our concern to give back to the local community, who are active participants in the Forest Garden program. This is another unique concept introduced to Sri Lanka by our Patron to reverse the effect of deforestation on the environment and society.

Our Commitment
Having received pioneering status from the Export Development Board (Sri Lanka), and further recognition from the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Greenfield Bio Plantations is committed to strewing ahead as a pioneer of Organic practices in Sri Lanka. Also we are committed to giving our customers a clean, healthy, high-quality alternative


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